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Nr 2/2018 (534)

  • Wydania
  • 10 grudnia 2018
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MIAG 2 (534) 2018   LESZEK ŻYREK, WOJCIECH ZASADNI, JAN LUBRYKA, DAWID JENDROSKA Mobile lighting of passenger and material monorails stations In this article, the authors present the Becker-Warkop company innovative technology development of mobile lighting for passenger and material stations as well as routes during the passage of a suspended monorail. As part of […]

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Nr 4/2017 (532)

  • Wydania
  • 30 stycznia 2018
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MIAG 4 (532) 2017   Andrzej Nowrot, Krzysztof Kamil Żur, Anna Świderska-Środa, Monika Mikołajczyk, Witold Łojkowski Autonomous fiber-optic gas monitoring system with thermoelectric power supply This paper presents the concept of an autonomous measuring instrument powered by a locally accessible source of heat with a contact surface area of over a dozen or several dozen […]

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Nr 3/2016 (527)

  • Wydania
  • 3 grudnia 2016
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Nr 3/2016 (528) TOMASZ MOLENDA, SŁAWOMIR CHMIELARZ Galvanic separation of analogue signals The article deals with the issues of galvanic separation of analogue circuits and methods to perform it. The authors described capacitive, inductive and optical couplings, separation with the use of processing as well as non-linearity correction of optoelectronic materials characteristics. The available solutions […]

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