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Nr 2/2018 (534)

  • Wydania
  • 10 grudnia 2018
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MIAG 2 (534) 2018   LESZEK ŻYREK, WOJCIECH ZASADNI, JAN LUBRYKA, DAWID JENDROSKA Mobile lighting of passenger and material monorails stations In this article, the authors present the Becker-Warkop company innovative technology development of mobile lighting for passenger and material stations as well as routes during the passage of a suspended monorail. As part of […]

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Nr 1/2017 (529)

  • Wydania
  • 30 marca 2017
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MIAG 1 (529)_2017 JERZY MRÓZ, DARIUSZ FELKA, ADAM BROJA, MARCIN MAŁACHOWSKI Devices for measuring ventilation parameters and methane concentration as well as concept of complex monitoring of methane hazard in longwall area This paper discusses the issue of the methane hazard occurring in the longwall areas of hard coal deep mines along with ways of […]

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