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Nr 1/2019 (537)

  • Wydania
  • 9 lipca 2019
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________________ Vitalii Panchuk, Oleh Onysko, Tetiana Lukan, Iuliia Medvid Theoretical study of dependence of screwing of drilling-pipe connector on thread-process cutting tool profile Screwing is one of the main parameters of the quality of a drill string tapered thread tool joint. It indicates the number of screwing operations that can be applied to this tool […]

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Nr 2/2017 (530)

  • Wydania
  • 17 czerwca 2017
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MIAG 2 (530) 2017 MARIAN HYLA A universal server for monitoring industrial devices using a web browser This paper presents the implementation of a universal intermediate server for the monitoring of in-dustrial devices using the Modbus TCP protocol. The application provides selected information using the HTTP protocol accepted by web browsers. The software configuration and […]

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Nr 1/2017 (529)

  • Wydania
  • 30 marca 2017
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MIAG 1 (529)_2017 JERZY MRÓZ, DARIUSZ FELKA, ADAM BROJA, MARCIN MAŁACHOWSKI Devices for measuring ventilation parameters and methane concentration as well as concept of complex monitoring of methane hazard in longwall area This paper discusses the issue of the methane hazard occurring in the longwall areas of hard coal deep mines along with ways of […]

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