Czasopismo nowoczesnego górnictwa

ISSN 2450 – 7326 e-ISSN 2449 – 6421

Nr 4/2022 (552)

Tomasz Budniok1, Bernard Krakowczyk1, Andrzej Tor1, Wojciech Zasadni1, Leszek Żyrek1

1Becker-Warkop Sp. z o.o, ul. Przemysłowa 11, 44-266 Świerklany, Poland

Modern means of underground transport – Technical and economic effects and benefits to working environment resulting from the operation of monorail VOLTER battery-powered locomotives

Battery-powered means of transport are more and more often used in underground mining. The article describes a suspended VOLTER battery-powered locomotive, which is designed for transport of equipment, materials and people. The technical and economic effects related to the operation of this innovative solution in comparison with diesel locomotives, including energy (fuel) costs and maintenance time, are presented. The article also describes the benefits to the working environment connected with the use of battery locomotives resulting from the lack of exhaust emissions and significant reduction in noise and heat generation, which improves the climatic conditions in comparison with diesel locomotives.

Keywords: suspended transport, battery locomotive, energy costs, operating costs, working environment, climatic conditions

Grzegorz Wąs1, Adam Kluska1, Marek Sobolowski1, Marcin Garbacz1, Marcin Pałka, Marek Wojtas2

1Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A., Oddział KWK Piast-Ziemowit Ruch Ziemowit, ul. Granitowa 16, 43-155 Bieruń, Poland

2Elsta Elektronika Sp. z o.o., ul. Janińska 32, 32-020 Wieliczka, Poland

Underground Water Monitoring and Visualisation System at Piast-Ziemowit Hard Coal Mine, Ziemowit Operation

The paper presents a monitoring system for the pipeline network at Piast-Ziemowit Hard Coal Mine, Ziemowit Operation, which was implemented in February 2023. The system covers monitoring of both fire system pipelines and pipelines of the dewatering and drinking water systems. Ziemowit Operation is self-sufficient in terms of water consumption both for technological and domestic purposes. Precise monitoring of pipelines allows to maintain installation parameters at a level sufficient for technological and mine fire safety purposes. The system also provides for the detection of emergency conditions, monitoring of water levels in storage reservoirs, while in terms of hydrogeology it is used for water balancing. Flowmeters installed at the pumps allow the actual measurement of pump performance, determine their efficiency, and thus allow diagnostics to anticipate future failures and take preventive measures. Visualisation of the performance of the system is available from a web browser and enables convenient and intuitive configuration to suit the user’s current needs related to making changes to the system. The visualisation application has extensive functionality for current viewing and analysis of historical events and diagnostics of emergency conditions.

Keywords: monitoring, mine water, dewatering, visualisation

Grzegorz Wojdyło1

1Euro-Tech Plus Sp. z o.o., Siekierzyce 1A, 59-407 Mściwojów, Poland

BETEK modern tool systems

During the transformation period, in order to secure sufficient energy amounts and to ensure that energy systems remain stable, it will still be necessary to produce energy based on raw materials such as coal, natural gas and oil derivatives. Hence, mining techniques are being developed to increase productivity and improve safety by eliminating the workstations that pose a risk to human health and life. This is ensured by fully automated mining systems. However, even the best-designed system is only as strong as its weakest link. In most mining machines, the cutting tool that has an impact on performance are the conical picks. Fully automated mining machine systems make sense only if the working units are designed with high-quality materials used in the production of picks holders, pick sleeves and the picks themselves. This is something that EURO-TECH PLUS Sp. z o.o. has been working on together with BETEK  for years.

Keywords: conical picks, sintered carbide, mining