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Nr 4/2022 (552)

Tomasz Budniok1, Bernard Krakowczyk1, Andrzej Tor1, Wojciech Zasadni1, Leszek Żyrek1 1Becker-Warkop Sp. z o.o, ul. Przemysłowa 11, 44-266 Świerklany, Poland Modern means of underground transport – Technical and economic effects and benefits to working environment resulting from the operation of monorail VOLTER battery-powered locomotives Battery-powered means of transport are more and more often used in […]

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Nr 3/2022 (551)

JAN KUREKTOMASZ WYDRO THE MINING OF IGNEOUS ROCKS – MINING TECHNOLOGY EXEMPLIFIED BY THE “ZALAS” PORPHYRY MINE The geological structure and rock resources of the region of Krakow are very diverse. This results from its location at the junction of three structural units as well as from the variety of geological processes that have taken […]

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