Czasopismo nowoczesnego górnictwa

ISSN 2450 – 7326 e-ISSN 2449 – 6421

Review procedure

  1. Formal review of the proposed article by the head of the editorial office.
  2. Substantive review of the proposed article by the thematic editor and qualification for further proceedings.
  3. Indication by the thematic editor of at least two independent reviewers from among persons not related to the author (authors) of the submitted article.
  4. Inviting reviewers to review the submitted article.
  5. Sending the article to the reviewers (without specifying the names of the author / authors).
  6. Preparation of the review in accordance with the form valid in the journal (Review form).
  7. Making a decision by the editor-in-chief or deputy editor-in-chief to accept / reject the article or the need to make corrections in it in accordance with the reviewers’ suggestions (possibly resending the corrected article for review).
  8. Publishing the article without specifying the reviewers.