Czasopismo nowoczesnego górnictwa

ISSN 2450 – 7326 e-ISSN 2449 – 6421

Nr 3/2021 (547)

Rajmund Horst, Jan Zdziebko

Mechanization and automation in the production processes of Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A.

In Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A., actions are still being taken to mechanize and automate work, striving to increase production efficiency and reduce the physical burden on miners. Mechanization of works covers further areas which enable the process of automation of underground mining processes. The article presents the leading solutions in the field of mechanization and automation in mine transport, the mechanization of sharing and auxiliary works, and the remote control of belt conveyors and main switchboards. The article also contains a description of the work carried out which support automation processes: activities in the standardization of the equipment of longwall systems, pressure monitoring of powered supports, wireless communication, electronic identification of production assets, and the visualization of the operating parameters of machines and devices.

Krzysztof Ćwiertnia

A newly patented method for measuring the actual forces of hoist vessel impact on shaft reinforcement

Observations and conclusions regarding a new method of measuring shaft hoist vessel forces acting on the structure of shaft reinforcement are presented in the article. The idea behind this method is the direct absorption of the forces resulting from the impact of the measuring rollers (front and two side rollers) attached to the vessel by the guide and transferring them to the measuring elements, i.e. through a hydraulic actuator, pressure transducer and recorder. The recorder also receives a signal from an optical sensor, which determines the position of the vessel in the shaft. The method allows measuring the actual values of hoist vessel forces acting on shaft reinforcement, without any simplifications, theoretical assumptions and complicated mathematical functions.

Rafał Pasek, Krzysztof Rozwadowski, Zygmunt Zuski

The modernization of the main fan station of the “Wilson” shaft in KS “Wieliczka” S.A.

This article discusses the modernization of the Wilson shaft’s main fan station in KS “Wieliczka” S.A., which included: the station building, main fans, the 110 kW electric motors to drive the fans, 3/0.4 kV transformers, 3 kV “Wilson” switchgear, 0.4 kV main switchgear and the communication systems used to control the station.

Wojciech Temel, Ireneusz Czajka, Tomasz Lach, Łukasz Halama

Design of a station for welding parts of a car exhaust system

Making large batches of repeatable components is a challenge for the manual welding process. The solution to these problems is automation using machines with two- or multi-axis systems. The design of a station for welding elements of car mufflers focuses on the automation of one of the processes at Ulter-Sport Sp. z o.o. through the use of a prototype five-axis numerically controlled station. The use of this type of solution provides the operator with the opportunity to quickly develop new welding cycles, which are repeatedly and accurately mapped using a ball system and stepper motors. The spacious working area and large movement capabilities of the torch allow the machine to adapt to perform other welding tasks.