Czasopismo nowoczesnego górnictwa

ISSN 2450 – 7326 e-ISSN 2449 – 6421

Nr 2/2022 (550)

MAREK WOJTAS, DAMIAN KAZUBIŃSKI, KLAUDIUSZ PILARZ AN INNOVATIVE CROSSING POWERED SUPPORT OF THE HENNLICH-20/43-CH TYPE The underground mining of minerals with a longwall system requires the construction of two parallel galleries (bottom road, top road). As the longwall progresses, they are eliminated (mining from the boundaries). Reconstruction of this area, i.e., the wallroad crossing, is […]

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Nr 1/2022 (549)

JANUSZ KOŁODZIEJSKI SALT MARKET CHARACTERISTICS IN POLAND ON THE EXAMPLE OF THE “KŁODAWA” SALT MINE This article is a brief summary of information on the salt market in Poland. In addition it defines the economic areas in which sodium chloride is used, the sources of salt production and the forms in which it occurs – […]

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Nr 4/2021 (548)

Sławomir Straszak, Artur Wiktor SHEAVE AXLES OF MINE SHAFT HOISTS – DIFFICULTIES AND LIMITATIONS IN ASSESSING THEIR TECHNICAL CONDITION DURING IN-SERVICE TESTS The paper discusses the difficulties and limitations in the possibility of assessing the technical condition of sheave axles during inservice tests resulting from the lack of access to many areas of the outer […]

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Nr 3/2021 (547)

Rajmund Horst, Jan Zdziebko Mechanization and automation in the production processes of Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A. In Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A., actions are still being taken to mechanize and automate work, striving to increase production efficiency and reduce the physical burden on miners. Mechanization of works covers further areas which enable the process of automation […]

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Nr 2/2021 (546)

KRZYSZTOF KRASUCKI, TOMASZ KUDŁACIK, KRZYSZTOF AUGUSTYNIAK RUFUS 3G LOAD BEARING CAPACITY MONITORING SYSTEM FOR ROVIDING DIAGNOSTICS FOR POWERED ROOF SUPPORT OPERATIONS The Ziemowit part of the Piast-Ziemowit mine uses an active and passive load bearing capacity system for its powered roof support section, which allows for diagnostics, the selection of initial load bearing capacity, and […]

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Nr 1/2021 (545)

ANDRZEJ FRĄCZEK ENGINEERING PROJECT OF A MOBILE ROBOT WITH A METAL DETECTOR FOR LANDMINE DETECTION This paper presents the design of a mobile tracked robot capable of moving in varied terrain. Its task is to detect metal objects, which is achieved by means of a metal detector placed on a manipulator with three degrees of […]

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