Czasopismo nowoczesnego górnictwa

ISSN 2450 – 7326 e-ISSN 2449 – 6421

Publishing rules

  1. The author / authors of the publication presents / presents the results of their work in a transparent, reliable and honest manner, regardless of whether they are / are its direct / direct author / authors, or have used / used the help of a specialized entity (natural or legal person).
  2. The text to be published (proposal for an article in Polish and in English) should be submitted in electronic form to the following address:
  3. The text proposed for publication should be developed in accordance with the document template (Template)
  4. The article is reviewed by two reviewers according to the following review form (Review form)
  5. After the review, the authors are notified by e-mail about the acceptance / rejection of the article or the need to make corrections in it in accordance with the reviewers’ comments. Reviews are sent to authors by e-mail.
  6. After qualifying the article for publication, the authors are required to sign the following declaration (Author’s declaration)
  7. The review process takes place in the double blind review mode. For the time of the review, the editorial office removes the names of authors from the article sent to the reviewers.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact the editorial manager, dr. inż. Kamil Mucha