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Nr 3/2019 (539)

  • Wydania
  • 25 lutego 2021
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Kazimierz Miśkiewicz, Andrzej Nowrot, Antoni Wojaczek Operating RTLS systems in underground workings The difficult environment conditions of underground mines require the identification of persons present in mining workings. To date, miner location systems applied in several mines only allow a dispatcher to determine the crew working at given level or in given operation area on […]

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Nr 2/2019 (538)

  • Wydania
  • 14 października 2020
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Stanisław Trenczek The porential for monitoring air parameters in the determination of carbon monoxide sources in light of research projects First, a recapitulation is provided of monitoring systems, based on electronic solutions which ensure the reliability of the requisite speed and measurements while intrinsically safe. Subsequently, examples of measurements of the carbon monoxide concentrations emitted […]

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Nr 1/2019 (537)

  • Wydania
  • 9 lipca 2019
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________________ Vitalii Panchuk, Oleh Onysko, Tetiana Lukan, Iuliia Medvid Theoretical study of dependence of screwing of drilling-pipe connector on thread-process cutting tool profile Screwing is one of the main parameters of the quality of a drill string tapered thread tool joint. It indicates the number of screwing operations that can be applied to this tool […]

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